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I help individuals & teams construct new narratives that support them in being present with more presence in their professional roles.

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About me

Professional World

I am an executive coach, facilitator, Mediator, and trainer dedicated to helping individuals, teams, and organisations bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

My professional journey began in a Croydon SEMH school, where I had the pleasure of leading a provision for many years, shaping how I show up to this day. When I think about my past students and team, im left with gratitude for how much they taught me about myself and what it means to be Present with Presence as a leader.

I named my Organisation Reclaiming Potential because I am passionate about the people I encounter experiencing more of themselves in their professional roles. This means bringing all of yourself, showing up, taking your space, and doing the work only you can do.

I coach leaders from various sectors, including schools and FTSE 500 companies. I facilitate different subjects from Race and Identity, leadership development and conflict.

Community World

I volunteer as an assistant coach in a Croydon Athletics club. I initially volunteered because my kids went to the club, and I wanted something else to do besides waiting for them in the freezing cold. Athletic coaching now is a way that I can use my executive coaching skills in new and innovative ways, but more importantly, it gives me a chance to get alongside young people and be a positive force, as so many were for me.

Private World

I am married and a father of 5 children. I am a reluctant morning person as my kids wake me up every morning, weekend or not, at 6 a.m. To relax, I enjoy baking, reading, going to the gym and doing creative things like painting or playing the guitar.

What I Account For

Who I have worked with

Coaching 1:1

As a professional, you understand the value of continuous improvement and growth. However, in the complex and fast-paced world, it's not always easy to navigate the path to success alone. That's where coaching comes in; it’s a transformative journey that can help you harness your full potential and drive personal, professional and organisational success.

At its core, coaching is a courageous conversation where the coachee can explore the various roles they inhabit ( both private and professional worlds) and the systems they are a part of. It’s a space to recognise and expand on existing resources. It’s a space to gain clarity, make decisions and grow your personal potency.

Through questions, movement, activities and silence, coaching can create an Ecosystem which nourishes your capacity to experience more of yourself in your roles and bridge the gap between what is and what could be.


Increased professional potency
Awareness of internal resources
Enhanced awareness of self, others and systems
Improved interpersonal communication
Being 'well in the world'

Potential areas of focus

  • Career Advancement
  • Leadership development
  • Communication and interpersonal relationships
  • Managing change
  • Wellness ‘in the role’
  • Decision making & problem-solving

Emergency coaching session

In times of crisis, effective decision-making is crucial. Whether you're facing unexpected challenges, navigating a crisis, or seeking immediate guidance, our Emergency Coaching Session is here to support you.

This specialised coaching session provides the tools, strategies, and insights you need to lead confidently and resiliently during critical situations.

  • Flexible: We can talk any time of day
  • Responsive: Expect a response within 24hrs
  • Accessible: Virtual sessions mean we can connect from anywhere in the world


Do you often find yourself in unstructured, unproductive meetings? Do you desire to:

  • Have courageous conversations about topics that really matter?
  • Cultivate stronger interpersonal bonds among your team members?
  • Foster innovation
  • Create the conditions for the team to work at its best?
  • Uphold values-aligned decision-making processes?

Effective facilitation can be the key to success for any organisation. Whether facing challenging decisions, team conflicts, or striving to boost collaboration, a facilitator can help a team/group reclaim its full potential.

Our facilitation experts are here to guide you through these processes with finesse.

My facilitation style creates spaces were individuals & groups are challenged and invited to examine and reimagine their frames of reference

My role as facilitator is that of an ‘expert of not knowing.’ I hold this stance for several reasons:

  • It keeps me open to different possibilities in the moment
  • I'm open to the resourcefulness of the team group and its capacity for change
  • It keeps me orientated and able to hold on to hope at such times when the group may find it challenging to hold on to

Reflective space

  • Are you seeking a supportive network?
  • Would you value input from a group of professionals facing similar challenges?
  • Are you open to exploring new techniques, strategies, and approaches in your field?

The primary purpose of the reflective space is to promote professional development, enhance performance, ensure quality, and provide a safe and supportive environment for professionals.

It's a space to gain a meta perspective ( helicopter view) on your professional roles and explore professional dilemmas and lines of enquiry in greater depth.

Group numbers are kept low (3-5) and meet monthly.

Before each session, I will send you a concept or an idea we will use to stimulate conversation and use as a map to explore your professional landscape.

I contract for 4 months at a time: Jan – April, May– Aug, and Sep - Dec. Please let me know if you'd like a place.


Transactional analysis (TA) is a wide-ranging set of theories and techniques that can be used by individuals and groups to enable and help themselves and others to grow and develop to their full potential. (Julie Hay)

TA uses simple language but is by no means shallow.

TA gives us maps we can use to explore what might be going on on an individual, relational and systemic level.

If you have heard of TA and would like to deepen your understanding or want to explore how learning TA can support your team or Organisation, please get in touch.